Thursday, July 23, 2009

Transformers cupcakes

transformers, sesame street characters, sharks (i know, most of them don't even look like sharks.. maybe more like fish?! hehe) and dinosaurs.
tq dyna!



Odie said...

sangat suka the dino cuppies!!! nanti nak order for my son ler ;-)

SunnyLovesRain said...

how did u do the transformers tu, pakai sugar paper ke, err..betulke name nye sugar paper? haha..should look at mine when i made them cupcakes for my son's birthday...i made lolly sticks out of printed out images..;D

Edi said...

Sunnylovesrain, yup, transformers tu pakai sugar paper.. it's called edible photo.. photos printed on sugar paper using edible ink.. i order je.. usually standard price rm18 per A4 sheet..
tengok sini

odie, boleh2 :)..dino tu berkali2 lukih baru jadik and nampak cam dino.. punyerlah keras tangan :(