Monday, June 29, 2009

Life's Little Things

It was a planned short trip to Toy's R Us with my kiddo, Imran. His dad would be out for the whole day to a wedding, so i thought, hey, let's go out together, eat some ice-cream, see some movies, play some legos and have some fun! ok--lets be realistic.. :-P we only had about 2 hours, i know ToysRUs alone will take more than 1 hour.. so.. movie, shopping, jalan2, will have to wait.
off we went.. a short 20 minutes drive to Subang Parade.

to my delight, there was a small flea market (or so), stalls lining along the SP corridoor.. Okay, imran, TRU can wait.. let's check out the stalls first. he didnt complaint coz there were a few stalls selling toys along the way. so, ibu boleh cuci mata, dia pun cuci mata jugak..

i spotted a stall selling beads and bangles, and bought this adorable phone strap for my dear friend as a gift for her birthday. i know her, and i 100% know she'll love this! true enough, when i gave her this, she was beaming with joy :-D

next to the stall, there was a nice lady selling handmade jewelry. they are oh so so pretty! and i had to have them all!.. ha ha.. unfortunately, i came to my senses and bought one only *sob
u can check out her page here. i think she'll be there every weekends.
aren't they the prettiest? a set of coach dangling bracelet. i particularly like the high-heeled and the handbag. Nope, i love them all!!

as for mr imran, look at him all 'rambang mata' with the toys.. mm.. kids.. can't get enough of toys!

..and at last, this is his choice! phew.. nasib baik dia tak ambik yg berharga beratus2 tu...
or else, i'll transform into a carrot.


SunnyLovesRain said... them bangles!!! have not been to Sp for a while now...

& as for boys & toys...i wouldn't be surprise..if my hubby & my son pergi situ pun or nay toys shop for that matter, usually my hubby yang lebe-lebe...hehehe...

Dad of 4+1 said...

You bet...tak larat nak mengejar kalau dah masuk TRU! At least you have one to kejar...we have a few....: )

Edi said...

SunnyLovesRain, boy will always be boys, i guess ;-P

Dad 4+1, we have 2 actually, tp sorang kena tinggal kat nursery sbb kalau bwk dia, mmg tak boleh nak buat ape.. hehe :-D
tp u lagilah, kalau semua nak at least satu toy, botak jugak eh nak bayar bill?