Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mom's Day

Y A set of MOTHER'S DAY cupcakes Y

*Order from Annshafeera from Puchong

**this set is inspired by a photo by pokedot cupcakes. Check out her website for more cupcake fiesta!

Text message from Anne: K. dina, tau tak evrybdy suke sgt cupcake hari tu, dan sampai skrg asyik teringat cupcake..rase die..rupe dia. serius...ktrg balik kg minggu ni.next week ann call nak order saje2.sbb teringin dan teringat cupcake hari tu.

This just made my day :-). Plus, baru tau dia ni srikandi STF jugak! ha ha.. it's a small world after all.


nita07 said...

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hi dear! the pic cupcakes tu dr blog i ;)
pls link me n give credit ya ;)