Tuesday, March 24, 2009

cupcake orders

i have this info on my fotopages (http://edina2404.fotopages.com/) but i think it is appropriate to put the ordering details here too :-). so here it goes;

I do take orders sometimes, depends on my time availability:-P

I charge rm45 for a box of 25 cupcakes.

Flavors: 1. vanilla 2. choc moist 3. vanilla with crushed oreo.. all these with buttercream topping..

My cupcake size: (approximately) 40mm base and 25mm height (cup size not including cake and icing) ***these are paper cups, not solo cup.

Solo cup size 2oz: 16 pcs for rm45 (so u can choose either 25pcs paper cup or 16 pcs solo cup--all same price)

If u are interested to order, pls notify preferably 1 week earlier. or at least 3 days .. and it also depends on my time availability. believe me i hate to turn down orders, but sometimes time is just not my side..

Pick up location: i am working at unisel shah alam seksyen 7. u can either pick up at my office (weekdays), or my home at bandar saujana putra (one exit after putra heights' exit-elite highway)

pls CALL me at 019 3144634. you can also email me at edina2404@gmail.com but i check my emails only during my working days. so if you email and i dont get back to you by 1 day or so, pls gimme a ring, will ya!? would love to hear from you :-)

hv a lovely day!

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